A WAY FORWARD in Joint Mobility : A Research from ZOTA Healthcare A WAY FORWARD in Joint Mobility : A Research from ZOTA Healthcare

The life expectancy has increased in recent years, thanks to the improved living conditions and availability of better healthcare facilities. This has resulted in a remarkable increase in the growth of the elderly population. In India 5.3% of males and 4.8% of females are aged more than 65 years. The changing times and the changed lifestyles have also profound effect on their disease profile. Compared to earlier short term diseases and infections, the percentage of chronic diseases including hypertension, diabetes, obesity and last but not the least -mobility disorders is rising day by day. Old age cannot be healed or prevented. However much can be done in helping the elderly to lead perform their activities of daily living (ADL) smoothly. The commonest obstacle for elderly is the problem of joint-pain and decreased mobility. Worldwide osteo-arthritis is the most common articular disease of people 65 years and older. It represents a major cause of disability in the United States and is of concern in developing countries like India too. Further, painful joint disorders are becoming more common even in younger generations due to strenuous working styles, reduced exercise habits and nutritional imbalances. In majority of cases short term relief is obtained with NSAIDs, but is not popular due to serious adverse effects. It only deals with the symptoms rather than the root cause and the problem reappears as soon as treatment is stopped. The advanced cases need replacement therapies which may not be suitable and possible for all. The best option is to maintain and strengthen basic joint structures including cartilages, ligaments and tendons. This can be achieved with the supplementation of joint supporting ingredients.

The two most widely studied and clinically used substances are Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM) and Glucosamine. MSM is the source of organic sulfur in joint structures including cartilage and is shown to be effective in reducing or alleviating pain and immobility caused by ailments such as Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Back Pain and numerous additional health conditions. Whereas glucosamine is a precursor for glycosaminoglycans , (a major component of joint cartilage) and thus its supplementation may help to prevent cartilage degeneration and treat arthritis. The clinical trial has also supported their use. (Clinical Drug Investigation. 2004;24:353-363). The results showed that both MSM and glucosamine improved arthritis symptoms as compared to placebo, and that the combination of MSM and glucosamine was more effective than either one alone stated. Formulation is already applied for Indian patent and for PCT informed by Dr Sanjay Agrawal, Medical Consultant and Editor-in -Chief of IJMToday.

ZOTA has gone a way forward in joint care therapy. The search of other equally important ingredients and their assimilation in suitable formulation for total joint care has lead to the development of yet another patent applied research after RTFIT success. We are shortly expecting the results of clinical trials and the product will be launched soon in Indian and international markets told by Mr Ketan Zota, Chairman and Managing Director. Source: Pharmabuzz Team