Drunk India says cheers to Surat

Drunk India says cheers to Surat

Drunk India says cheers to Surat Now, if all goes as planned, you can raise your glass to toast with a clear mind, if not a trouble-free heart. At least, Surat-based pharma company, Zota Healthcare Ltd, is taking care of your health while your take a swig at your favourite brand, though the other troubles arising out of your habit is out of their ambit!

Habitual drinkers, especially those suffering from liver problems might hearten up to the news that the company has developed a new vaccine that can protect liver from ill-affects of alcohol. It also actually helping in improving its condition, the manufacturer claims. The vaccine is expected to be launched in market once it receives patent from Indian government, applied two decades ago.

The pharmaceutical company’s to-be-prepared medicine is a specially developed anti-oxidant after three year’s of research that can fight toxicity on liver due to alcohol consumption. “Our new formula contains Taurine and Racemethionine that provides essential eminos to the body, especially the liver. The emino counts get reduced due to consumption of liquor, which are re-achieved by our new medicine. Duo is important for normal function of liver, if patient is a habitual drinker. At present no medicine in the market contains these two components and patient is mostly treated on glucose,” Sanjay Agarwal, who invented the formula, said.

A team of more than 16 doctors were involved in the research of this new medicine. The medicine has been tested on critical alcoholic patients and the results are very positive. “The medicine can be either in tablet or injectable form. In both forms, it will give the same result. According to us, if tablets are made from this formula, it will give exceptional results. We have found that patient’s liver damage has reduced considerably after consuming our new medicine,” Agarwal added. Company has not named the medicine yet, but hopes to launch it within two-three months.

“We are planning to launch this medicine after we received the patent of our new formula. The medicine developed will bring revolution in medical history and will save hundreds of lives from death. Price and name will be decided after completion of patent process,” Ketan Zota, managing director, said.