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Invitation letter for 3rd World Congress on Surgery & Anesthesia which is scheduled during in June 03-04, 2019 at Berlin, Germany.

Dear Dr. Sanjay Agrawal , Good day! I hope this message finds you well. I’m honored to invite you to be as a Speaker at 3rdWorld Congress on Surgery & Anesthesia which is scheduled during in June 03-04, 2019 at Berlin, Germany organized by Scientific Federation. It could be so excited if you would join us at Surgery...

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Infertility and Inositol balance

The relative concentrations of MI (Myo inositol) and DCI (D Chiro Inositol) are dynamic, and vary in health and disease. These concentrations are organ-specific. Diabetes is a state of inositol imbalance, with a MI/DCI ratio of 20.4 (Type 2 diabetes) or 13.6 (Type 1 diabetes), as compared to 13.2...

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Iron Plays a Certain Role in Patterned Hair Loss

Dr Sanjay Agrawal, Leading Pharmaceutical Consultant and Editor-in Chief of IJMToday. Loss of scalp hair is not a serious life threatening disorder, but it can cause psychological distress and affect quality of life adversely. Hairs are rapidly proliferating organ with much requirement of blood supply. Therefore, the relationship between micronutrients...

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